"industry". When the mind is bludgeoned with so much dysfunction, it craves to be more than just a part of it, there is a burning desire to own it.

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Shooting with Molly Lloyd was great!! This is a still of the title sequence…a lot of work!

Garrett Lee Hendricks who plays REGGIE was proud to be a part of PUTP. He’s been seen on Law and Order, Nurse Jackie, Lights Out, and White Collar. On the silver screen he’s been in Cafe with Jennifer Love Hewitt, and the upcoming sci-fi romantic comedy The Paragon Cortex. Thanks to friends and family, and as always to his beloved wife, Nikoa, and a special shout out to his amazing daughter, Zuri Alija.

let’s do it!!  

Great Sound engineering means having a professional sound guy on set, then using PluralEyes, (In FCP 7 of course) then do a little sound sweep to give the impression you know how to mix, but with quality audio, the job is a lot easier!!#VIDEOEDITOR #WEBSERIES #INDIEFILMMAKER

Episode Three Edits

Episode 3 - “Lawyers Office”

In a desperate attempt to save her marriage, Jasmine puts on her best salesman act, which backfires and leads Reggie to go through with the divorce.

Slicing and dicing!!